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On August 28, 2019, the Central Bank launched the 1 Real coin commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Real Plan.

The coin shows, on the obverse, the hummingbird feeding its young in the nest, alluding to the engraving of the 1 Real banknote, launched in 1994. The background is composed by the diagonal lines characteristic of the Real coins. The golden ring features the captions “25 YEARS OF THE REAL” and “1994 * BRAZIL * 2019”. On the reverse remains the standard of the second family’s R $ 1.00 coin: in the silver nucleus, a sphere overlapped by a strip and the constellation Cruzeiro do Sul allude to the National Flag. Face value “1 REAL” and era “2019” complete the composition. In the golden ring, there is a marajoara indigenous graphic design.

a) Face value: 1 Real;
b) Material: stainless steel core and bronze coated carbon steel ring;
c) Diameter: 27mm;
d) Weight: 7.0g; and
e) Edge: intermittent serrated.
e) The total circulation: 25 Million.

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